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Amway India Facts

Amway India Facts

Hi This blog will try to bring out all facts about Amway. To aware the member what they are getting and what all facts are there.

Here is the calculation which shows what all Amway is taking and what he is actually distributing among member.

Actually Amway is Just Distributing 26% and Amway is retaining 74% (62% Amway Share + 12 % Tax) when we do not include the retail profit.

Even after including the retail profit the Share that comes (22% +17% = 37%) what they are distributing.

Amway India is taking too much and distributing less.

Please put your point.

Amway is good company with good products but Amway is taking too much.

If they have to do more business then they have to distribute more than 26%, Please correct me If i am wrong in calculation


  1. Amway India is taking 76% of Cost Price to its Member and distributing just 26%. Is this if fair Amount

  2. Is Amway India is giving substantial amount of money to the member or its taking too much from the Amway Business Owners.

  3. Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway Amway is this is not spreading like Virus



  6. For Achieving 6% In Amway India.
    PV BV Total price
    1 66.0067 82.83096927
    300 19802.01 24849.29078

    Commission you get at 6% = 1188.120567

  7. You Get Commission on BV not on the amount you paid

  8. In most of the meeting i listen from the ABO distributor they say in General market you get the thing that actually cost Rs 40.00 and you get in last at Rs 100.00 that is 60% more.
    What away is taking he is taking 62% and paying 12% of tax from our money and distributing just 26%.
    Is Amway is giving or taking much more than the traditional markets?

  9. Sorry in Traddition market we are getting 150% costilier than the cost price. But away is giving not distributing this 150% in the chain system. they are just distributing 26%

  10. Is it also taking same in country Amway US, Amway Canada, Amway Italy, Amway Thiland, Amway Autralia, Amway China, Amway UK, Amway Japan, Amway France, Amway Europe, Amway Asia, Amway Notrh Korea, Amway Pakistan, Amway Every where, Amway World

  11. Amway India is charging Rs 480 as Renewal fee.

    I don’t understand when the joining is free why they are charging for renewal.

    Why not the ABO will register once again as it is free joining.
    If you miss the Renewal before 15 Sept 2012 then they will charge Rs 995.

    Is it reasonable to charge the renewal when the member ship is free?

    1. Dear ABO,

      It's good to remove unnecessary public from Organization, which only creating crowd or nothing else.

      You can take free decision, but to hold that u have to pay little amount.

  12. Did any body now how much Amway is distributing on count of Rs/$ 100.00 sell by Amway India, Amway Pakistan, Amway Bangladesh, Amway Nepal and Amway Srilanka

  13. You just opened my eyes.. thanx

  14. Anybody Emerald and above please clarify if the above calculation mentioned in picture is wrong... I am dying to here this.

  15. Hello ABO

    This is Javed and i would like to clarify the doubt that the company actually pays u entire 60 % in ten different ways..

    1-20% discount
    3-15% techinical bonus
    4- 6 to 21 % as a referall bonus..

    So My friend please add all these and let me do this for u..

    = 20+4+15+21 annswer is : 60 %..

    So my friend please get the proper knowledge before blaming on any one..


    1. I agree with you but following is the 2 doubts still exist in my mind.

      1) Can you please elaborate more about how they distribute this 15% as technical bonus.

      2) One more point where the Tax part goes that to deduct from the amount we pay to purchase(DAP).

    2. Dear ABO,

      If u have that much of unusual doubt's, u can do better in other then amway. I know only-thing if u take product's from amway money distribute in your family and friends partner's of amway if not then other celebrities who do not care's about anything for you.

      Anyway 15% discount get by GIP Bonus, World Tour and other things else.

      May get u proper Information.

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